Gloucester Spiritual Direction Trustees


Ian has been a spiritual director since 2001 and trained at the London Spirituality Centre 2004 – 2006. At present he is responsible for training newly ordained curates and on-going training of clergy in the Church of England Diocese of Gloucester. Before ordination, he trained as a Maths teacher and then as a psychotherapist.

Ian was part of the tutor team on the spiritual direction course in Gloucester from 2007 – 2011.

Since then he has developed coaching in the diocese and more recently is offering mindfulness courses. He says he is at heart a facilitator and feels most alive when walking alongside others as their journey unfolds.



I am a supernumerary Methodist Minister, who although retired still have the privilege of preaching regularly on the Gloucestershire Methodist Circuit and of offering supervision to a number of circuit staff and occasionally leading quiet days.

I trained to become a spiritual director on the Gloucestershire Course held at Nympsfield 2015 – 2017. The course was inspiring, developing my own understanding of spiritual direction as well as aiding my own spiritual development.

I find joy in offering spiritual direction as well as receiving, frequently experienced when involved in the ministry of listening. I wish to support the Trust in continuing the valuable work of training and supporting spiritual direction and all it offers as we journey on, encountering God in all things


I have offered to serve as Trustee, as, since participating in the Gloucestershire course from 2013-15 I have so much valued the practice of spiritual direction in my life.

I worked as a nurse for over 30 years, and so have witnessed the transformations that simple listening and being heard can bring. The course took this to a new level for me, and to my surprise prompted my decision to study acupuncture and energy medicine.

It was a delight and privilege for me to be invited back to assist with facilitating the Gloucestershire course in 2017, and I am currently part of the course team.

I was present when the idea was born to form the Trust – a very exciting yet daunting prospect. I see my current position as holding space to allow the Divine to work, trusting in the slow work of God to transform myself and those called to follow.

jo joy


After working in schools, further & higher education in Peterborough for 35 years, and setting up a multi-faith chaplaincy in College, it was a joy to begin training in spiritual accompaniment in Cambridge from 2010 – 2012, a real ‘coming home’ experience.

I am a retired and active Anglican priest, having been privileged to be a tutor on the GISD course 2013 - 2017, coordinator of the Ecumenical Community of directors since 2018 and the current chair of the Trust from 2021.

I have been a counsellor and trustee of both an ecumenical counselling agency and the Llannerchwen Retreat House (RSCJ), Wales. As a trained and qualified supervisor working with two groups and individuals, I am particularly interested in supporting spiritual directors and thrive when I am on the edge of new learning and insights in the company of others.


I am a retired Anglican Priest, but have also spent the last 20 years working ecumenically as a Hospice Chaplain, and as part of the Gloucestershire Introduction to Spiritual Direction course, now known as A Companion’s Way – first as a student and then a tutor – also offering spiritual direction and supervision to a variety of wonderful people.

My background was in finance and administration, which was relevant to being a Parochial School Governor and Trustee for Longfield Hospice for 10 years. My desire now is to help secure the privileged ministry of Spiritual Direction for the next generation of compassionate listeners.



I am a foundational trustee of the Gloucestershire Trust, an experienced spiritual director and supervisor.

I have been a tutor on the ecumenical Gloucestershire spiritual direction training course for many years, as well as supporting other formation programmes, and now run workshops for experienced spiritual accompaniers.

I am also a Chartered Psychologist AFBPsS, with an MA in Religion and Society, and Divinity awards, I work and write within the fruitful dialogue between spirituality and psychology, always in this maintaining a particular heart for ethics in soul care work.


It is now 15 years since I was first drawn into the world of spiritual direction. It is no exaggeration to say that it has changed my life. It has been my route into a deep and profound journey of ‘becoming’.

My motivation as a trustee is to ensure that this opportunity become better known and more accessible to others. Helping to enable the training course, establish the Trust and offer this ‘listening’ to others, despite challenges, continues to be a joy and a privilege. My background in listening is as a medical practitioner and as a parent.

Now retired from medicine, I am discovering new ways of being.

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I have been in spiritual direction for around 20 years and have my own ministry of Spiritual Accompaniment, conducted both on-line and face to face.

I’ve led retreats for over 12 years, covering a wide range of spiritual practice and tradition, including yoga, zen, and Christian contemplative practice, and have taught contemplative prayer to curates of both Worcester and Gloucester Dioceses. I see spirituality as both a search for truth, and the concrete realisation of that truth in our relationships with others and indeed all Creation.

To support seekers of truth within the context of a charitable trust dedicated to that work would be a very great privilege.  As a Trustee of Worcester Interfaith Forum I would also bring some knowledge of other faith traditions.  I am a qualified Yoga teacher (AyS accredited), Warden of Holland House, and an ordained Anglican Priest.


In July 2008, I was ordained as a Roman Catholic Permanent Deacon, with the full support of my wife and children. In 2017, I was invited to join a two year spiritual direction course provided by the Diocese of Clifton, with a view to being a spiritual director for the diocese.

Since completing training and formation, I joined the Spiritual Direction team in the Clifton Diocese and I currently see a number of directees on a monthly basis. I see it as a great privilege to be involved in helping people to notice the movement of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Four or five times a year I have a supervision meeting where I share in complete confidence my experiences with my directees. I find this provides good support in the role and helps me to grow as a spiritual director.

I am an Oblate of Prinknash Abbey and I find inspiration in the long tradition of spiritual direction within Benedictine monasticism. I also have a full-time job as a Graphic Designer.

As a Trustee on the GSDT I represent the local Catholic community and I will endeavour to assist the Trust in its mission to provide training and ongoing formation and support to existing and new spiritual directors.