If you would like to find a spiritual director in Gloucestershire there are 2 main contacts:

  1. The Gloucestershire Spiritual Direction Trust. Please contact Revd. Chris Mason, revd.chris.mason@gmail.com or complete the Contact form. (Mark - Live link to Contact form?) Chris or a member of the team will then be in touch to arrange a Zoom meeting to talk about hopes and expectations and then, in the light of this conversation, to suggest the names of one or two people an enquirer may approach.
  2. The Clifton Diocese Spiritual Direction Network hold a list of directors who particularly feel called to work within the Catholic community. Please contact Sarah Adams, sarah.adams@cliftondiocese.com

If you contact the list holder, they will ask you a little about yourself and what you’re seeking from spiritual direction and then, prayerfully, match those needs with someone suitable on their list.

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Photo © Dr Peter Barrow – with thanks
Photo © Dr Peter Barrow – with thanks