Becoming a Trustee

The role of Trustee is a 3 year commitment, and Trustees should be familiar and have experience of spiritual direction, with an appreciation of, and preferably a practice of contemplative worship.

Trustees are encouraged to actively participate in supporting the community by offering their skills and gifts to contribute to the newsletter, blog, maintain the website, and keep in touch with colleagues to foster support and a prayerful connection through meet ups and Zoom connections.

Being an independent Trust, though with established historic links with Gloucester and Clifton Diocese, a representative from each of these are included on the Board of Trustees, along with persons from other churches, including Methodist, Baptist, Quaker among others. Contemplative streams run through many Faith traditions.

In a changing world where many spiritual companions work solely or mostly through Zoom, it is appreciated that our scope reaches beyond the original boundaries of Gloucestershire. This provides challenge and opportunity.

For those who wish to remain in person and on a personal recommendation basis, it may be that a liaison person puts enquirers in touch with one another. For others, the ministry is becoming more popular as a way of serving the community and charges are invited as offering this ministry is for some a main source of income. These people may prefer to place a bio and picture in the section on the website.

Multicultural And Multi Racial Huddle. Team Or Group Of People
Multicultural And Multi Racial Huddle. Team Or Group Of People